_What is contestA?

ContestA is an architectural competition platform organizer.

It is a site collection and dissemination of ideas and proposals as well as a discussion forum and meeting point between different approaches, approaches and architectural solutions.
The competitions are open, architectural ideas and projects through our website. They can participate architects and / or students from around the world, after registration.

Our main purpose is to promote the exploration of ideas to know architectural typologies that have not been discussed yet, and bring these ideas, the artwork and the projects presented in an open to anyone in the world.

We currently have three ways to achieve this objective:
- Posted on our website
- Blogs specialized in architecture
- Printed publications in architectural magazines

_What is ISMOF?

ISMOF is an international ideas competition organized by the platform contestA "International School-Museum of Flamenco" whose main objective is to enable students of architecture and young architects to present their work and promote research in the field of architecture of "museum-school Flamenco "attending to the important role in the history of flamenco and Spanish identity and more specifically Andalusian and architectural exploration in the area flamenco.


It is an international architectural competition organized by contestA 
Roofs are spaces on the way of desertification. 
This competition requires a functional and architectural consideration of any kind of roofs (flat roofs, sloped, gabled, rooftops... on towers, houses, blocks, urban centers ...)
The management of the space, usage, program or other new posibilities, are the main factors.
The location, uses and size are decisions of each contestant.